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Benedictine Spirituality

“Listen, O my son, to the precepts of the master, and incline the ear of your heart..”

These opening words of the Rule of St. Benedict capture the essential purpose of our Benedictine Spirituality Group at Christ the King. At our meetings, we read a portion of the Rule aloud (thus listening with our ears as well as our minds), reflect on its application to our lives, and discuss the insights our reflection has brought to mind. We include in our meetings Noon Prayer. This structure engages us in two Benedictine spiritual practices: Lectio Divina and Opus Dei, or the Work of God. Lectio is a method of prayer that involves 1. reading, 2. meditating, 3. listening, and 4. contemplating. The Work of God for monastics is to pray and praise God throughout the day by reciting (principally) the Psalms. Obedience (which has as its root meaning “to listen”), stability, and conversion of life: these are the precepts of Benedictine monastic life. We seek to apply these same precepts to our own lives as lay Christians as our state in life allows.

You are welcome to join us! Hospitality is another Benedictine virtue. We meet on the third Thursday of each month, at noon in the parish library. Just come! Or if you have questions, please contact Betsy Owczarski at or 430-1962.