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Couples must contact the priest or deacon in sufficient time to complete the paperwork and attend the marriage preparation course in the parish. The time for the preparation will vary, but at least four to six months before the marriage. This is not intended as a waiting period, but rather one of preparation. The purpose of this requirement is to insure adequate time for a couple to participate in and benefit from the steps of the marriage preparation process. In the event that the preparation reveals problems or obstacles to the marriage, this affords a couple more time to resolve their difficulties through such steps as, for example, counseling and canonical procedures. In certain cases, circumstances can arise that make the time requirement very difficult to observe.

Exceptions to this requirement should be made only for grave pastoral reasons and the couple should still be obliged to take part in all the steps of the marriage preparation process. The inability or unwillingness of the couple to understand the need for an adequate preparation for marriage does not constitute a grave reason.

If you wish to receive the sacrament of marriage at Christ the King, please download and submit this form to our front office.

Please contact the parish office at 946-1675 if you have any further questions about marriage in our parish.

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